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Pool Care

Weekly Maintenance

Lake Houston Pool Supplies offers weekly maintenance services by one of our pool service technicans. This service includes:

  • All balancing chemicals

  • Vacuuming, Brushing and Skimming

  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets

  • Equiment check

  • Backwashing if needed

  • Discounted Labor Rates for all repairs



Outside Service and Repairs

We also offer one time cleans and check ups for your convience if you are busy. For repairs we charge $80 per hour, will prorate by half hour.


Repairs provided:

  • Above ground leaks

  • Replumb equipment

  • Repair or replacement of equipment

  • Filter Cleans

  • Stain Treatments

  • and more...

Filter Cleans

  • Cartridge

  • D.E. Filters

  • Backwashing and Recharging of D.E. Filters

  • Backwashing of Sand Filters

  • Replacement of Sand

In House Repairs

We can repair just about anything you can bring up here. We offer a free inside repair, all you have to pay for are the parts!

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